Voting or Quadratic Equations?

Further to the EU Referendum, there are three major issues in my opinion within the U.K.

  1. The lack of political awareness and education within our schools. Why are we not being taught about the way in which our country/nation is governed? Why are we not taught the rules? Why are we not taught the importance of our vote? It was more than evident from the huge volume of google searches after the results of the EU referendum, that a vast proportion of the UK population did not undestand what they were voting for.
  2. The lies spewed by politicians throughout this campaign played a huge part in some people’s vote (many of whom now regret their decision). MP’s such as Nigel Farage promising 350m to the NHS and other such claims are now backtracking and denying they ever made these claims in the first place. People feel conned and betrayed by these lies. In business this would be fraud, in court this would be blatant forswearing. Why are politicians not being held accountable for their lies?
  3. The lack of communication between the older and younger generations. There seems to be a huge and unnecessary divide between the generations. Why are we not listening and talking to one another in a respectable manner? Why do we appear to be so disconnected?

I fail to see how this is fair democracy. Politicians are lying again through their teeth to get votes and are now getting away with it, and we are not educated in our schools about UK politics or laws because somehow quadratic equations is deemed more important? Maybe I am wrong to criticise leave voters, and maybe leaving the EU will benefit the UK in the future, but right now, I do not see or believe it. I feel there are big underlying issues here that need to be addressed immediately.