You Will Make Mistakes And That’s OK.

The UK education system penalises mistakes and rewards correctness, and we’re brought up with this mentality as soon as we enter primary school. You must have the correct answers or you will not pass your exams and you will not get to college or university and as a result you will fail at life. Does this sound or feel familiar?

You know what, people are wrong all the time, that’s just life.

Elon Musk was warned by close friends and family not to start one of his businesses, now he’s successful and worth $15.3 billion dollars.

A teacher once said that Albert Einstein would amount to nothing; Albert Einstein is now remembered as one of the greatest Physicists to ever live.

J.K Rowling’s first Harry Potter was rejected by twelve different publishers because wizards weren’t popular, now she’s worth over £600 million pounds.

The polls predicted Brexit would have narrow ‘remain’ victory; the actual results had a narrow ‘leave’ victory.

The US Presidential polls predicted that Hilary Clinton would win and become president, the actual result ended up with Donald Trump in the White House.

I could go on but I don’t think I need to, my point is, we’re humans and we make mistakes. So if you come out of education and you’re looking for your first job or you’re afraid you’re failing or going to fail, then stop. You’re doing great and people make mistakes.


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