Left and Right in politics are both doomed on their own.

This is the one subject that gets people riled up and the one subject that I hesitate to talk about, but I can’t remain silent any longer. If you’re Left, Right, Middle, I don’t care, I want to see you and hear you and I hope you will respect me with the same.

     Today it seems that the world is leaning more and more to nationalism and further away from globalism, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’m from and currently living in the UK so I’ve just been through Brexit, local elections and now we’re on the cusp of a general election that Theresa May has seemingly called out of the blue. Now I’m not here to attack, personally I don’t care if you support Theresa’s decision or not, but for a moment I just want you to forget about who you support, drop your party flags and cast all those thoughts aside, because I would like to talk to you as a person to another person, human being to human being.

     The UK government is failing, and it’s been failing for a very long time. Party politics and the first past the post system is not working and please let me explain why I think that. Money and by default, successful business, runs the world, we all know this even if we might not agree with it. It’s very likely that you’re employed by someone else, and their business is what allows you to have a salary so you can buy all the things that you need and want in life. You may not like your job or your employer, you may feel like you should be paid more, but without your job you would be pretty stuffed, yes? So we need business, and we need good, successful businesses in order to pay all the people in the country their salaries. One point to the Right or the Conservatives.

     In order for those businesses to run effectively and successfully they need healthy, happy employees. If the employees are unhappy, or become sick and can’t afford or don’t have access to health care, then those employees are not going to be performing at their best and as a result the business will not be performing at its best. The employees drive the businesses success at the end of the day, if the business can’t make a profit because the employees are sick/dying or so unhappy that they revolt/leave, then the business will fail and the employer and any shareholders will not make the profits they need. One point to the Left or Labour.

     Now here’s the problem, because the UK works on party politics and first past the post, we usually end up with either a Conservative government or a Labour government. The Conservatives generally push the idea that everything is a business and business comes first and Labour generally push the idea that employees and people come first. The thing is, you need both in order for the country to work and survive, not just one or the other. When Conservatives are in power they generally push for more business, at the expense of the general population. When Labour are in power, they generally push for free healthcare, education, better public services and looking after the general population, which as you can imagine, initially costs a lot of money.

     If you want a government to work effectively for the entire country then you need to listen to everyone, make decisions that hopefully have the best outcomes for everyone and compromise where necessary. The Conservatives ignoring the people and doing as they please is not a good or kind way forward. If a local council rejects an idea or a proposal then their wishes should be respected and if it is imperative, then a compromise should be discussed and reached. Labour’s wishes to help the general public and improve the lives of the population needs to be realistic and done in a way which promotes business. You can’t have employers and employees and ignore one group over the other, it just doesn’t make sense and it will cripple businesses, and as a result, the country.

     My next point is nationalism, ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Strong and Stable’. Everyone gets up and feels pride in their country because you know, you’re an American citizen and America is the greatest country in the world. Or you’re a British citizen and we need to be strong and stable, immovable like a concrete wall under all the outside pressures from the rest of the world, and when the rest of the world crumbles around us we Brits will surely be fine because we are ‘Strong and Stable.’ Right drop that all now and think about yourself, not as a citizen of a country, but a human being on this planet called Earth. I know it’s nice to feel like we live in the best country and by default we must be fantastic too because our country is the best, but this ideology is dangerous, suffocating and downright false. You only need to go back in history and you will find that there are no ‘innocent’ countries.

     Nationalism is not sustainable, and the only way it will be is if every country has their own planet to colonise independently. The irony is, that we will have to work together in order to successfully colonise space. When you’re at work or school, when do you have your best ideas? Is it when you squirrel yourself away and work independently? Or is it when you have a group discussion and you bounce around ideas? This is essentially nationalism versus globalism in a nutshell. There is a reason the UK has been part of and trading with the EU until now, it’s because they are right next door to us and it is a hell of a lot cheaper to send something to France, than it is to send it to America or anywhere outside Europe, both in time, fuel and labour costs. Not to mention that the UK needs the rest of the world, much more than the rest of the world needs us, just take a look in your supermarkets and see where everything comes from.

     All of us, the entire human race, live on one planet, a planet that is getting smaller and smaller by the day as the population continues to skyrocket. We can’t afford to not work together, and we can’t afford to go into any more world wars, the loss of life would be on a scale that has never been seen before if we did. Our only option then, is to break down the barriers in education, culture, and wealth that separate us, and work together. Now the cynical people out there will snort and say that it is a ridiculous fantasy to think that the entire world will get along, and yes you’re right, there will always been extreme minorities who want to screw it up for everyone else. However, the majority of us aren’t like that, the majority of us just want to live a happy, comfortable and safe life surrounded by our friends and family, in reality, everyone wants this. If we focus on the extremes and the minority ‘what if’ scenarios, then our judgement will always be skewed and we will always been too afraid to actually say ‘you know what, maybe I’m wrong, maybe you’re wrong, but we can both be happy and live our lives.’




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