Positive energy – The Home advantage

all time is now

It seems fitting as England take on the Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine tonight that I should write about something I have been pondering for a while, the “Home Advantage” and its psychological effects.

There is no doubt that positive and negative forces within our lives affect our psyche and confidence; when a team or sportsperson loses form or the crowd get behind the team or boo the team, the combined energy or ‘vibe’ can be extremely powerful. You can feel the euphoria of winning or scoring a goal. You can also feel the wrath of the crowd or disappointment of under-performing. They are two powerful, yet contrasting emotions. Have you ever thought why this happens? How can it be that the combined excitement can cause a feeling of euphoria or that combined animosity can cause so much sadness and lack of self-esteem?

Positive and negative forces affect our lives all…

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